the Art of Lunging

as a Cross-Training Exercise

The Art of Lunging

Masterclass is starting August 23rd!

Achieve your goals

After this course, you’ll:

✅ Gain basic skills as a lunger, or refresh your knowledge of lunging training

✅Have a good understanding of correct lunging equipment and how to apply it to every horse, situation, and training goal. 

✅Gain insights on the different types of side reins and the correct use of them for each scenario.

 ✅Accomplish practical experience on how to handle the lunge line, whip, and your voice commands to create a pleasant workout for your horse.

✅Develop and strengthen your eye and skill to assess which horse needs which lunging program though video assessments of several horses accompanied by our experienced coaches.

✅Outline your horse’s training plan to get fit into spring. 

you can learn anywhere

Our class starts August 23rd!

Experience the joy of being able to connect even more with your horse as you go through this program, from your phone or computer!

You get to:

Receive Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Create an Assessment of your horse during our first session

Join an exclusive group of other participants

Watch example videos for troubleshooting lunging with any horse

Learn cross-training exercises with how-to guides

Receive a Summer Lunging Training Plan

You know your horse

You feed your horse the best grain and supplements to keep them in tip-top shape.

Your horse receives the most timely vet and farrier care.

You want your horse to benefit from cross-training exercise.

you want the best

Would you know how to lunge correctly if you saw that your horse was weak in the hind end?

What if your main goal was to help them step into and under themselves to gain balance?

You want your horse to be a strong, well-muscled riding companion.

You don’t want them to be weak in the hind end,

over on the shoulder,

or unbalanced through their transitions.

You want to use cross-training exercises to 

help them get to their best strength.


Check out a special sneak peek: 

our comprehensive program

in ten lessons

Each lesson comes with reading material, instructional videos, additional guides and blogs from top institutions like the USDF.

❶ Introduction to lunging

What is lunging training, and how is it beneficial as a cross-training exercise? Create The Assessment for your horse.

❷ where to lunge

We’ll show you the safest place around your barn to exercise your horse, and why it’s important to measure. We’ll give you ideas if you need them!

❸ basic lunging equipment & use

Do you have a cavesson laying around? Learn what it is, why the order you use your equipment in is important, and how to lunge safely.

❹ different methods of attaching the lunge line

What do you do if your horse carries his head too high? Turns into the circle too much? Learn how to attach the lunge line to fix that and so much more!

❺ side reins and their use

What are the functions of side reins, and how can they be helpful? Learn what not to do with side reins, too. 

❻ correct use of lunging equipment

Take a deeper look into your lunging equipment options. We’ll dive into advanced methods and equipment, too.

❼ correct use of the whip

Do you know what the thong of the whip is, and how to use it precisely? You can use our template to make one yourself!

❽ correct use of the voice

Your voice can either help or hurt your horse. Learn how your voice can be a powerful tool for your horse’s workout.

❾ the structure of a lunging session

Do you know how to build your lunging training plan? We’ll help you get organized to strengthen your horse to his best shape.

❿ the pyramid of training

What is it, and where is your horse at? How do you move further up the pyramid? Read how the USDF defines the pyramid of training.


whether you’re a long-time lunger, are only familiar with lunging, or are brand new, this course is for you!

We get it. Lunging can sound tricky and complicated. We’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be! Our course answers all of your lunging questions and more!

How do I develop my horse's top line?

How do i encourage more balance in the canter?

how do i improve my lunging skills?

how do i use side reins?

how to use lunging correctly with a crooked horse?

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